The MHCW Board and members have discussed opportunities to change how we do things for a number of years. We’ve listened to your voices on continuing challenges to make sure your website access and online experience is what it should be. While we were able to meet a July 2019 HB 1582 effective date with getting new forms online, many experience challenges in making the best use of this great functionality.

In September. the Executive Committee gave our new Executive Director the task of (1) looking for solutions to be more efficient in our operations, (2) enhance web and online access for members, and (3) to “up our game” as to the experience at our statewide convention and trainings.

At the October 2019 Board meeting, a decision was made to move ahead transitioning our web and membership access portal to the nationally recognized Memberclicks Oasis platform. This greatly will ease and enhance not only our members’ access to important data and information but create an entirely updated webpage and look that you can be proud of.

Due to MHCW staff changes, we have also partnered with OrgSupport, a respected and energetic team, to handle our membership database migration and administrative services for the interim period. Through mid-November, we will transition those services as our Board considers a permanent solution at the next regular Board meeting in early 2020. Your patience, as always, is appreciated through this transition and migration, and our main office remains in Puyallup as we plan toward meeting the Board’s goal of returning to Olympia in the future to best advocate for your interests.

Since September, we have

  • completed all 8 statewide MHC Manager trainings from Spokane to Sequim, and we received great feedback about the experience from those who attended the full-day training led by legal and policy experts from across the state.
  • held Unit meetings in King (Renton), Vancouver (Southwest), Lacey (Thurston), and Spokane (Inland Empire).
  • set the 2020 MHCW Annual Convention to be held at the Tacoma Convention Center on May 18-30, 2020.
  • participated in all Rep. Cindy Ryu stakeholder workgroup meetings on MHC manager education/certification.
  • engaged AGO DRP participation at 3 MHCW events statewide and attended the AGO DRP event in Cheney.

Thank you for your continuing work in an industry that IS affordable housing, your support for our work and efforts, and your patience as we transition our work during the next two months to our new platform.

Bob Schroeter
MHCW Executive Director



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