2023 Fall and Winter Training Sessions

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Session 1: Legislative Forecast/Update with MHCW Administration

Featuring: Chet Baldwin

In the first session of our Fall/Winter Training Series Chet Baldwin, Executive Director and Chief Lobbyist for MHCW, covers some of the legislative and administrative issues MHCW faces as an organization. This includes expectations for the coming session, the legislative climate in Olympia, as well as which specific bills are problematic, given the tumultuous climate park managers are already wading through.

Session 2: Screening Your Tenants and Park Rules Enforcement

Featuring: Eric Steven

Session 3: Notices, Notices, Notices – The Nonpayment of Rent Process

Featuring: Tony Branson

Session 4: Emotional Support and Service Animals – What you need to know to avoid litigation

Featuring: Bjorn Hess

Session 5: Providing Loans to Tenants for Home Improvements & Septic Systems in Manufactured Home Parks

Featuring: Elle Williams & Sid Elkins

Video Coming Soon!