ACTION ALERT:Contact the House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee Members in Opposition ..

Urging all MHCW members to Contact the House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee Members in Opposition of HB 1100 & HB 1083

Click Here to download an informational handout about the above mentioned bills

These bills are scheduled for Executive Session this week.

HB 1100: Right of First Refusal

This bill would harm residents by creating “false alarms”; a sale does not necessarily mean a community is closing. By far, most sales occur with the new owners intending to continue as an MHC. Any legislation must be limited to when a community owner voluntarily lists their community with a broker.
Homeowner’s associations need to be formal, recognized groups registered with the state. Neither HOAs nor any other party should be given an unfair advantage in private property transactions.
It unfairly discriminates against just one type of real estate and housing without any data to support the distinction.

There is no clear definition of what constitutes a “bona fide offer.” This could open the door to fraud and abuse.

This bill does not protect against harmful, rights-violating activity, but rather damages, or appropriates, property for the benefit of others.
Our Supreme Court has previously stated that a MH community closure “does not breach any of [the residents] legal rights or entitlements.”
If enacted as written, it would likely constitute an unconstitutional taking

HB 1083: Removing Relocation Assistance for Tenants’ Homes

Voids Negotiated Agreement – Led by lawmakers in 2019, stakeholders negotiated this split in relocation assistance to ensure that the tenant is not left with a debt for the home, this bill voids all agreements.

Leaves Tenant with Debt for Removal/Disposal – The home is owned by the tenant and by law they are responsible for all costs in removal/disposal of the home and the previous agreement provided funds to cover tenant’s responsibility.

  • Sponsors: Representatives Gregerson, Peterson, Wylie, Bateman, Tharinger, Ramel, Ortiz-Self, Valdez, Kloba, Morgan, Chopp, Ormsby, Santos, Macri, Orwall, Bergquist, Pollet, Harris-Talley
  • STATUS HB: House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee
  • Executive Session: Thursday, January 21 at 1:30 p.m.
Please also contact the members of the House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee to OPPOSE HB 1100 & HB 1083

House Housing, Human Services & Veterans Committee

Please take action right away.